Academic Services

I am always pleased to help academic clients, be they students or professors, with everything from a basic spelling and grammar check on a class paper to getting an article ready to submit to a scholarly journal. Academic services include:

  • Homework support (see ESL Services for more information)
  • Theses and dissertations – content editing, including intensive reorganization help, if needed
  • Theses and dissertations – references and formatting
  • Journal articles – content editing, reduction to fit within word limitations, help with abstracts
  • Talks and presentations – content editing, special editing for good flow of speech


  • Precision. That's the first word that comes to mind when I think of Dana's work on my book Temari Techniques. When something didn’t quite make sense to her, she would politely suggest an alternative. She found grammatical errors and mislabeled ...

    Barbara B. Suess
  • Clockpunk Studios uses Invisible Edits to review crucial client communications.  Dana takes our words and helps them make sense to someone other than us.

    Jeremiah Tolbert, Clockpunk Studios