ESL Services

I am quite happy to provide editing services to non-native speakers of English. I have an extensive background in teaching ESL in the US, Japan, and China, so I am familiar with many of the errors even the most proficient ESL speaker may accidentally produce. As a student of several foreign languages myself, I am definitely a proponent of having a native speaker give one last pass over a paper, to find all those little errors that it is so hard to spot without that native intuition of what sounds right or wrong.

ESL services include:

  • Homework support – basic proofreading and content editing for written assignments throughout the semester
  • Tutoring – more intensive work to help overcome common personal errors (in-person, via Skype or chat, or via email)
  • Final papers – help with initial organization (if needed), basic proofreading and content editing, references and formattting
  • Theses and dissertations – see Academic Writing for more information

ESL editing is offered at my regular hourly rates, but I do want my ESL clients to be aware that the amount of time spent on these papers can be quite variable, depending on the amount of editing needed. Please feel free to contact me with a sample of your work so that I can give you a better estimate of how long your particular project may take.


  • Precision. That's the first word that comes to mind when I think of Dana's work on my book Temari Techniques. When something didn’t quite make sense to her, she would politely suggest an alternative. She found grammatical errors and mislabeled ...

    Barbara B. Suess
  • Clockpunk Studios uses Invisible Edits to review crucial client communications.  Dana takes our words and helps them make sense to someone other than us.

    Jeremiah Tolbert, Clockpunk Studios