Hours & Rates

Work hours: Monday-Friday, 10am-6pm (Eastern)*


  • $30/hour for all editing of academic papers, articles, essays, short stories, and other shorter projects (less than 50 pages)
  • $.01/word for line editing of books, dissertations/theses, and other longer projects (50+ pages)
  • $30/hour for developmental editing of books (general feedback on content, no proofreading or copy editing)

*Copy editing demands a great deal of attention to detail, so please be aware that I have chosen my work hours to fall during the time when I am sure to be able to focus my full attention on your project. Emergency requests for me to work late hours or over the weekend can sometimes be accommodated, but must be charged at a higher rate due to interference with my prior plans.

After hours rates: $60/hour


  • Precision. That's the first word that comes to mind when I think of Dana's work on my book Temari Techniques. When something didn’t quite make sense to her, she would politely suggest an alternative. She found grammatical errors and mislabeled ...

    Barbara B. Suess
  • Clockpunk Studios uses Invisible Edits to review crucial client communications.  Dana takes our words and helps them make sense to someone other than us.

    Jeremiah Tolbert, Clockpunk Studios