Why “Invisible”?

Think of it this way: If your readers are happily involved in reading your book or paper and suddenly come across an error, that error can distract them enough to throw them out of the flow of reading. Depending on the error, it may even make them lose the thread of the story or argument entirely while trying to figure out what you, the author, actually meant to say. Wouldn’t you rather your readers always be able to focus on your ideas, rather than your errors?

Editing should always be invisible. Edited work is your work, but clearer, without distractions. Your readers will never even know the copy editor was there.


  • Precision. That's the first word that comes to mind when I think of Dana's work on my book Temari Techniques. When something didn’t quite make sense to her, she would politely suggest an alternative. She found grammatical errors and mislabeled ...

    Barbara B. Suess
  • Clockpunk Studios uses Invisible Edits to review crucial client communications.  Dana takes our words and helps them make sense to someone other than us.

    Jeremiah Tolbert, Clockpunk Studios